Service Guide

How does it work?

No payment with order, payment will be asked by the restaurant.

As the order is between you and the restaurant, the restaurant will need to confirm with you by phone.

Fax Order

When an order is placed online, the restaurant will usually calls in about 5 minutes or less if not busy.

Sometime the restaurant can not get the order due to a fax problem. If you do not get a call after 15 minutes, please call the restaurant to check on your Order.

If the restaurant did not get it, you may place another order online to the restaurant.

General Restaurant Guidelines

The restaurant reserves the right to refuse any order.

Additional instructions that change the order in any way can be disregarded.

Prices are subject to change without notice. (If this should ever happen, your help is greatly appreciated to notify about it.)

Please take up any concern about order directly with the restaurant. (You may contact for customer care, we will work out something for you to keep your satisfaction.)

Delivery Limit

When the restaurant does not deliver to your location for any reason, it will notify you when it picks up the fax order.